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Calamus is an Electric Vehicle & Technology company that is currently focusing on the micro-mobility sector. At Calamus, we have built the next generation of e-bike – the Calamus Ultra.

We are solving the problems of the current e-bike industry by creating a category-defining product that focuses on key issues in the e-bike industry, namely- safety and theft protection. For this reason, we have developed innovative features such as blind-spot assist, GPS tracking, rider recognition and more, basically features that make the Calamus Ultra the world’s safest and most advanced e-bike.

Our e-bike was launched on a crowdfunding platform – Indiegogo and generated pre-orders from over 27 countries. Along the way it has also won multiple design awards including the Good Design award 2019 for product design, India’s Best Design Award 2019 and the Lexus India Design Award 2020.

But Calamus is not just an e-bike company. It’s an EV technology company. Our ambition is simple yet bold – build world-class electric vehicles that push the envelope, never compromise, and always put the rider first.

Our Story
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