Frequently Asked Questions

The Ultra is a new generation of e-bikes designed to perfection and is equipped with the world’s most advanced features. It offers the world’s first android enabled integrated display with on board navigation and biometric scanner for locking, unlocking and rider profile recognition and real time diagnosis.

Calamus Ultra is equipped with Anti-theft bolts and will come with a special toolkit provided by us. It is also equipped with worldwide tracking and can be tracked using the find my ride feature in the app and Anti theft alarms which makes it the only e-bike with the safest features available in the market.

The bike has inbuilt LiDar sensors that gauge traffic from behind and inform the rider if he/she is about to take a turn/change the lane by providing haptic feedback using inbuilt vibration motors in the handlebar. The feedback is intuitive and greatly avoids a fatal crash.

We currently only ship to the UK.

Yes, the battery is detachable and comes with a fast charger and is very convenient to charge. You can charge it while you are drinking coffee or when you’re at work.

Yes, the user can select whether they want to use it manually without any power assistance. It will just feel like riding a normal bicycle.

The Calamus One comes with a 12-month warranty on all the electrical components, including the battery and a 5-year warranty on the Frame and Handlebar. However the warranty does not cover normal wear and tear and components such as tires. Link to Warranty page.

The price mentioned on the website is inclusive of everything. There are no extra charges that the customer has to pay.

Shipping is free but is subject to change based on any explicit offers.

The first batch is planned to be delivered starting November 2021 but is subject to change based on the situation with COVID-19 globally.

You can reach us at if you have any questions. Our team will be happy to help you! Check our Contact Us page for more ways to contact us.

The general mechanical repairs can be done in any bicycle store nearby or we will send a specialist to your location to repair the bike for you as per your request. For software, we have over the air updates making it very easy to keep you always updated.

The owner is informed about the update on the Calamus Mobile app or bike screen and it is a very simple process of accepting it and the bike gets updated over the air since it is always connected via an inbuilt sim.

We manufacture it in Thailand and assemble it in the UK.

The custom duties will be covered by us. If over the time period the laws change and there is a significant hike in custom duties, then the customer will have to bear the difference.

The bike comes in Semi-assembled form. You will have to assemble only the front tire, handlebar and pedals. It will take only 10 minutes to do that.

Unfortunately, test bikes are not available right now. We will make an announcement regarding the test rides once the lockdown restrictions are removed.

We are selling only through online channels only - that is through our website. For the servicing of your bike, you can take your bike to any local bike store and they will be able to service it just like any other bike. For the electronics parts like the battery and the motor, they come with a 1-year warranty.

We offer the bike in 2 size frames - Medium and Large. For heights between 165cm and 185cm, medium size will work best for you. If you're between 185cm and 200cm, a large frame size will work best. Size Guide link

Yes, our app will be available on both Android and iOS. The app will be launched in September 2021, you can then download it from Android Play Store or the iOS App Store.

Yes, the bike screen/app will have an option to switch to your local language. Languages available other than English are - German, Dutch, French, Italian and Japanese

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2 Year Warranty
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